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  • What Types Of Workout And Exercise Can You do At Home?

    Exercise and workout can be very difficult at home However, we come with easy ways of doing it. Exercise is a more common term for physical activity, while workout refers more to a particular pattern of physical exercises, typically at a gym, that follows a precise pattern. Exercises can be done without no specific set of pattern or program, but workouts are a session of exercise or practice to improve fitness which follows a precise pattern. Either way, both are done to improve your fitness and weight loss Most people at home are more likely to do exercises than workouts because workouts always a routine done at the gym, and in one rigorous session that exercise several muscles. Here are a few exercises you can do at home Exercises that will get you excited and workout your body Push-ups. Drop and give me 10- 20! ... Squats. ... An important aspect of a well-rounded exercise routine is to test your balance Standing overhead dumbbell presses. ... Dumbbell rows. ... Glute bridge Burpees. ... Sit-ups Side planks. Single-leg dead-lifts Must Watch Home Exercise Remember most of these exercises are also part of a good workout that is practiced to improve your fitness in a precise pattern. What are your exercise and workout patterns? Workout from home Bodyweight squats 20 reps. Walking lunges: 10 on each leg. Push-ups: 10 reps Dumbbell rows (using a gallon of water, milk, or another weight): 10 each arm - 20 arms. Jumping Jack: 20 reps - 40 reps Plank: 10-15 seconds. Exercise can be performed anywhere and remember walking is considered a good form of exercise too. Probably have a gym at home? Rock that body :) You can do a workout at home if it follows a precise pattern or session and exercises several muscles in your body. Do you exercise? And what are the 5 exercises you do at home? And how challenging is it? Follow us on social media Check out Lush Kicks

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  • Footwear Shop - Custom Painted Shoes and Affordable Trainers | Lush Kicks

    ARTISTIC CUSTOM SHOES BIG SALE UP TO 40% OFF ​ GET THE OFFER Heart DISCOUNT Sales Up to 40% OFF Location FREE UK DELIVERY Worldwide shipping PERMANENT PAINT Custom Footwear Pay SECURE PAYMENT All cards accepted LUSH KICKS Air force 1 Custom Shoes 100% Permanent design Shop Li-Ning Sports Shoes DURABLE TRAINERS Li-Ning Get The Offer SALE UPTO 40% OFF 3 Interest-Free Payment With Klarna Xtep Athletic Sport Shoes + Free Gift TRENDY XTEP KICKS 361º Authentic Footwear 361º SNEAKERS shoes for sale custom Air Force 1 in London Uk footwear shop custom shoes Sports / Artistic Kicks Free UK / Worldwide Delivery Affordable Branded Shoes Li-Ning's Men 9 V2 Professional Basketball Shoes Regular Price £229.99 Sale Price £212.74 10% OFF Customized NIKE AF1 Butterfly Blue X Air Force 1 Shoes Regular Price £235.99 Sale Price £212.39 Christmas Sales Unisex Hand-Made 2 Pac Custom Shoes Regular Price £229.99 Sale Price £218.49 Shop More Best of the Best Branded Authentic Shoes Lush Kicks (UK) is an online shoe store that sells and guarantees 100 % Shopping Satisfaction when you buy our Artistic Custom Painted shoes, Slippers, Athletic sport shoes and other Fashion footwear at Affordable price with free gifts. Our shoe brands are authentic and affordable. Take a look at our custom artistic and affordable shoes inventory, feel free to get in touch with us, if you’re looking for something special and more unique to your preferences. A member of our team will be happy to help you find the right pair of shoes for you. We guarantee 100% secure payment for all the authentic footwear brands & custom shoes we sell. Don't Miss out! ​ If you are looking for a cheap pair of branded shoes. We are happy to inform you that we sell high quality footwear at cheap prices. Buy 3 or more pairs of sneakers and get free worldwide delivery + Interest Free Payment Plans . With our return policy you can shop with confidence. affordable kicks Water-Resistant Custom Shoes UK Be the First to Know Custom shoes Sign Up - hear about the latest offers first! Submit Thanks for submitting!

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  • About Us | Custom Painted Shoe Artist | Lush Kicks | UK

    ABOUT US "Custom-Make Your Own Kicks!" Lush Kicks is an online shoe store in London, United Kingdom that specialises in remarkable workmanship and artistically painted design footwear. Lush Kicks aims to make your style fantasy and uniqueness come true. Our shoes include 100% custom painted designs that are available on-demand, made in London and shipped worldwide. We offer a wide range of designer athletic shoes for men, women and children which are comfortable as well as durable with amazing quality materials. ​ In addition to our collection of custom Air Force 1 shoes, affordable athletic authentic footwear and others fashion kicks by Lush Kicks. We know that you will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. With our top hand-made customised workmanship and a highly qualified team, we guarantee complete customer satisfaction. ​ "Top of the Line World-Class Athletic Shoes Customise your own Shoes" Quality You Can Rely On No matter what you’re looking for, we’re committed to providing that exact dream design you can searching for all this time. If you are looking for a gift or just want to spoil yourself for once, you can rely on the quality and uniqueness of our products. ​ At Lush kicks we are passionate about what we do.We specialise in custom painted shoes, selling 361 º, Li-Ning, XTEP sneakers and our testimonies speak for us! We are happy that our customers choose to return to us whenever they are in search of a creative gift or a personalised pair of kicks for a big night. We only use Angelus acrylic paint , which is 100% high quality and guarantees an exceptionally fast delivery service no matter where you are in the world! We've got the freshest qualitkicks for you! Interest-free offers on the hottest sneakers, trainers and more!

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