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Elevate your streetwear game with the Unisex XTEP Leather Upper Big Silhouette Running Shoes, a must-have for hypebeasts of all genders. Designed for the trendsetting skateboarder, these kicks boast a sleek leather upper, ensuring durability and style that effortlessly transcends gender norms. The big silhouette adds an edgy touch, perfect for the hypebeast boy or girl who wants to make a bold statement. Whether you're navigating the streets or rocking the skate park, these shoes fuse fashion and function seamlessly.


Join the hypebeast sub streetwear movement and step into a new era of unisex style with XTEP's latest footwear innovation.



Colour: Random

Unisex XTEP Leather Upper Big Silhouette Running Shoes

Color: Blue
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