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Elevate your street style game with Unisex XTEP Smooth Seam Basketball Shoes, the epitome of unisex hypebeast fashion. Crafted for the trendsetting hypebeast skateboarder, these kicks seamlessly blend style and performance. Engineered with precision, the smooth seam design ensures both durability and comfort, making them perfect for hypebeast boys and girls alike. Embrace the synergy of streetwear clothing and athletic prowess as you conquer the urban jungle.


Unleash the Hypebeast sub streetwear vibe with every step in these XTEP shoes, a statement piece that transcends boundaries. Step into a world where fashion meets function, and where hypebeasts rule the streets.



Colour: Random

Unisex XTEP Advanced Split Basketball Shoes

SKU: AdvancedSplit
Color: Black
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