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Elevate your street style with the Unisex XTEP Multilayers Thin-cutting Training Shoes, designed for the ultimate fusion of comfort and hypebeast fashion. Engineered to appeal to both hypebeast boys and girls, these shoes seamlessly blend streetwear aesthetics with cutting-edge performance. Whether you're a dedicated skateboarder or a fashion-forward individual, these thin-cutting trainers provide the perfect balance. The unisex design ensures a universal appeal, while the multilayered construction delivers durability and style.


Step confidently into the world of Hypebeast sub streetwear with these XTEP training shoes, where each step becomes a statement of your unique style and passion for the urban scene.



Colour: Random

Unisex XTEP Multilayers Thin-cutting Training Shoes

SKU: XTEP MultilayersShoes
Color: Black
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