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The Li-Ning Women Premium 001 Moment shoes sole keeps you stable and low to the ground, the cushioning in the shoes will reduce the chances of injuries and strain on your foot when landing from high jumps. Lightweight to Improving performance and offers support and protects your ankles.

Porbarloc technology is added to the midfoot, and the heel uses an embracing TPU to enhance the support and stability of the foot, giving runners extra energy sub-protection.


Product Highlights

Li Ning SHOES, are safe and stable to help smooth running, taking into account the wild cushioning and stable foot feeling  and cushioning on the foot will reduce the chance of injuries and strain when landing from high jumps.

✳️  Features:

✳️  Free Delivery.
✳️  Skin-friendly.
✳️  High performance
✳️  Light-weight.
✳️  Suitable for all seasons.
✳️  Durable, waterproof, and flexible.
✳️  Reducing the chance of blisters.
✳️  Can be worn with cloth, hoodies, jeans, and a T-shirt.

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Li-Ning Women Premium 001 Moment Shoes

SKU: Li-Ning Women Premium001 Moment
£229.99 Regular Price
£218.49Sale Price
Color: Grey
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