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Step into the future of street style with the LI-Ning Women Furious Rider 5 Running Shoes, a fusion of unisex hypebeast flair and high-performance design. Engineered for the urban adventurer, these shoes seamlessly blend streetwear aesthetics with cutting-edge functionality. Whether you're a hypebeast skateboarder pushing boundaries or a fashion-forward individual seeking unparalleled comfort, these kicks elevate your style game.


The Hypebeast sub streete vibe is captured in every detail, making them a must-have for hypebeast boys and girls alike. Unleash your inner trendsetter with LI-Ning's latest creation—where fashion meets function on the urban runway.



Colour: Random

LI-Ning Women Furious Rider 5 Running Shoes

SKU: LI-NingWomen Furious5
Color: Black
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