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Are you looking for a professional badminton sports shoe with free UK delivery and Standard Worldwide shipping? The Men's Li-Ning Sonic Boom Badminton shoe midsole features Li-Ning's new PROBAR LOC technology, known for its low density and high rebound. 


The Li-Ning Sonic Boom Badminton Shoe reduces the chance of blisters and ankle injuries with its soft cushion, making it excellent for runners and badminton players. These lightweight cushioned badminton shoes are suitable for various sports such as basketball and football. Visit Lush Kicks Sports Shoes UK for more details.


The Li-Ning Sonic Boom Badminton Shoe sole is made of Tuff RB and Foam RB lite, a combination of two kinds of rubber, to ensure the durable wear resistance of the sole.


The Porbarloc technology is added to the midfoot, and the heel uses an embracing TPU to enhance the support and stability of the foot, giving runners extra energy sub-protection.


Product Highlights:


Li Ning SHOES are safe and stable sports shoes to help smooth running back and front, side by side when playing basketball and badminton considering the wild cushioning and stable foot feeling.

✳️ Features:


✳️ Free Delivery.
✳️ Skin-friendly.
✳️ Improves performance.
✳️ Lightweight.
✳️ Suitable for all seasons.
✳️ Durable, waterproof, and flexible.
✳️ Unisex design in any colour of your choice.
✳️ Can be worn with cloth, hoodies, jeans, and a T-shirt.

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Li-Ning Sonic Boom Men's Ranger1 High Professional Badminton Shoes

SKU: Sonic Boom
£139.99 Regular Price
£129.49Sale Price
Color: Black
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