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Introducing the Kids XTEP Seamless Breathable Upper Casual Shoes, the epitome of unisex hypebeast fashion for the next generation. Crafted for the hypebeast skateboarder in every boy and girl, these shoes seamlessly blend style and comfort. The breathable upper ensures a cool and comfortable fit, perfect for active kids on the move. Whether they're mastering tricks or rocking the latest streetwear clothing, these shoes effortlessly complement the hypebeast sub streete culture.


Elevate your little one's style game with the Kids XTEP, where fashion meets function in the world of hypebeasts. Step into the future of unisex hypebeast footwear!



Colour: Random

Kids XTEP Seamless Breathable Upper Casual Shoes

SKU: Seamless Breathable Upper Casual
Color: Black
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