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Our Flowery Heavy Duty and Strong Canvas Tote Bags are perfect for all your everyday needs. Crafted for trendsetting skateboarders and streetwear enthusiasts, these bags encapsulate the essence of Hypebeast sub streetwear culture. Versatile for both hypebeast boys and girls, their robust canvas structure merges durability with a floral touch, complementing streetwear clothing effortlessly.


With their gender-inclusive appeal and sturdy, stylish aesthetics, these bags stand as a symbol of contemporary fashion and utility, making a functional yet trendy statement within the vibrant world of hypebeasts. They are spacious enough to hold your books, laptop, and other items and can be easily carried with comfortable shoulder straps. They are also machine washable, so you can keep them looking fresh and new. Shop now for your stylish and functional tote bag.


  • High quality,
  • 100% cotton canvas bag
  • Material: 12ounce heavy weight natural canvas
  • Size: 42*38 cm (16.5*15 inches)
  • Lightweight reusable tote bag
  • Colour: Random

Flowery Heavy Duty and Strong Canvas Tote Bags

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