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lluminate your urban journey with our Duffle Neon Green Bag, the epitome of unisex hypebeast style for skateboarders and streetwear aficionados. Designed to cater to the fashion-forward preferences of both boys and girls, this bold accessory seamlessly integrates with the ethos of streetwear clothing. The vivid neon green hue adds a pop of energy, making it a standout choice in the world of hypebeast sub streetwear.


Spacious yet sleek, this duffle bag combines functionality with fashion, ensuring you carry your essentials in statement-making style. Elevate your street cred with this Neon Green Duffle Bag that redefines the hypebeast aesthetic.



Colour: Random

Duffle Neon Green Bag

SKU: 64D1634FE298E_12021
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