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Looking for custom hand painted shoes on sale in the UK? Hand painted Buffalo bills shoes sneaker has a stylish color scheme that gives you a different visual experience and a unique buffalo design which is modern in the world of street fashion today. 


These Custom Air Force 1 Shoes are simple to style, hand painted, all-match any cloth wear, and are made in the Uk. The footwear knit construction provides lightweight comfort, and flexibility. Which keeps your feet always dry and cool. A- must-have custom Air Force 1 sneakers for men, women and children.




✳️ Easy to use.

✳️ Light-weight.

✳️ Suitable for all seasons.

✳️ 100% Hand-printed.

✳️ No need for transfer paper.

✳️ 100% Water-resistance paint. 

✳️ Hence, it can be worn on cloth, socks. Hoodies, jeans, shirt.

✳️ Durable, waterproof, and flexible.

✳️ Paint will not peel off, even after brushing in the water!


Custom Hand Painted Buffalo Air Force 1

SKU: Hand painted Buffalo Air
£250.00 Regular Price
£230.00Sale Price
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