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Step into the world of urban style with the Adidas Lush Kicks Premium Dad Hat, a must-have for the unisex hypebeast in you. Designed for the trendsetting skateboarder, this hat seamlessly blends streetwear clothing with Hypebeast flair. Whether you're a hypebeast boy or a hypebeast girl, this hat exudes urban sophistication. The iconic Adidas touch meets Hypebeast sub streetwear, creating a fusion that stands out in any crowd.


Elevate your fashion game with this premium dad hat that effortlessly embodies the spirit of hypebeasts everywhere. Make a statement with Adidas Lush Kicks, the epitome of Hypebeast style.



Materials: 100% Cotton
Colour: Random

Adidas Lush Kicks Premium Dad Hat

SKU: 64E31E9899CDC_16244
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